Ongoing Projects:

1.    School Support Program

What: stationary distribution (Pen, Pencil, Sharpner, School Bag, etc

Where: Tipling VDC, Limjo Gaun, Labdung Gaun, thulo Gaun, Kami Gaun, Borang Gaun- Shertung VDC, Jharlang VDC,

How Many benefited: 350 girls and boys

How: Volunteering associate members

When: 2008- to date

Whom: very poor student, single parent, orphan and talent student, marginalized people, back warded people


2.    What: Training and teaching program to students

Faciliated by CTEVT

Where: Tipling VDC

When: 2013

How many: 4 students

How: Om Hospital chabahil Kathmandu, Course of NMA, Lalitpur Politechnical college, CMA