Chairman's Speech


Dhading, my home area, is a semi-remote district located in the central region of Nepal. It is 220 km west, northwest of Kathmandu. Dhading is a very diverse region in Caste, Culture and Environment.

I am a Social Worker, a Democratic Politician and a businessman. Although actively involved in Tourism and engaged in many political activities that keep me running in many directions, I have never forgotten my farm roots in the beautiful great  himalayan trails of Nepal. Thankfully, my professional work gives me the opportunity
to build networks/bridges between the people of Nepal and the international community. Some years ago, while employed as a Teacher in a proposed secondary school in Dhading District, I decided to pursue a Masters Degree in Politics. I moved to Kathmandu and life began to change.
opened as I adjusted to life in the City and became aware of the huge gulf between urban and rural life styles and opportunities. My role shifted again to that of a "policy maker"when I was elected as Dhading District\'s representative to the Nepali Congress Party. About the same time I became very involved in the tourism industry. During my five year tenure in District politics, I was deeply involved in various development projects including education, road construction, water supplies, agriculture and the promotion of equal rights for woman and lower caste groups. That experience has forged my present and future passion in social causes.

Recognizing the increased urgency and escalating needs of the people in our area, I have tried to refocus my priorities from the political arena to the social sector with a renewed commitment to assist the growing number of marginalized people in Dhading District, suffering through no fault of their own. With this objective,Himalaya Chidren Help Nepal was established to provide support to the developmental needs of remote villages until such time that our Nation's government can assume their duty to our people. I am happy to say that we have achieved more than we dared to imagine possible due to the enthusiastic devotion of many international donors and volunteers.

During the years of turmoil, we have had many faithful donors, committed to helping us through these difficult times. We would like to especially thank the donors from Astria Tri Role. "It has been their continuous support and trust that has brought hope for the future to our people. We are confident that we can achieve our mission and commitment to deliver sustainable improvements and assistance to the people of Dhading. We look forward to expanding and strengthening our partnership to achieve our mutual goals."

There are still many things we need to do. Somehow, as always, we have faith these goals will be achieved. The need for financial and professional help from international society to carry on this work is constantly with us. In this website we will try to share with you stories of what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. We welcome and invite your participation in any or all of these projects. We hope you will join with us and let us share the joy that comes through bringing a little "sunshine" into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. No matter how little we have, it seems that we do not have to look far before finding someone with even less. I remember the story of the man who was complaining that he had no shoes...until he looked around and saw a man who had no feet...a humbling reminder for each of us.

Yog Bahadur Tamang